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inertia of rest

Not to imply that I’ve been resting all this time, but this first post is a year overdue. With so much to write, and so many ways to write it, how could I choose what to put as entry number one? Battling inertia of rest, I was hoping that my first entry would set this blog in motion- pushed in a direction that would allow my thoughts to follow freely, uninhibited. But what, of all the things I’m passionate about, was a worthy enough cause to warrant being the subject of the opening post? And in what direction did I want to push?

In conversation with my dear friend Anna this January, she proposed that I forget all that. Too much thinking, not enough doing. Write about what it’s like to write your first blog post, she suggested. The best ideas are always the simplest, it turns out, so here I am several months later, writing about writing.

I’ve got grand ideas about what I hope to write in this blog, but, having never done anything of this sort, I’d be a fool to say I’ve got it all figured out. Instead, I’ll settle for posting post number one, and follow whatever direction it leads me in.