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flu trends go viral


Google.org launched Flu Trends this week, a brilliant program designed to track and aggregate flu-related searches. By following searches like, “flu symptoms,” and “muscle aches,” Flu Trends has proven to be a relatively accurate and incredibly fast indicator of Flu outbreaks in different regions. Although it’s only tracking flu-related searches in the US right now, there’s no reason it couldn’t expand to track a variety of viruses throughout the world.


dr. jay and the future of healthcare

With the election only a week or so away, health care reform is on the minds of many Americans. But with millions of Americans uninsured (and millions more underinsured), and with any significant improvements years away (even in the best case scenario from the election), it’s high time for a health care revolution.

Enter Jay Parkinson, a young, hip doctor from Williamsburg who I was lucky enough to see at Pop!Tech this week. Tired of dealing with insurance companies, and wanting to find a way to serve the uninsured, Jay started Hello Health, a revolutionary new approach to health care. Members can log on, pick a doctor, make appointments, chat, arrange house calls, arrange phone consultations, and pay, all through the website. Members can choose and rate their doctors, and the interactive nature of the site encourages a stronger, more personal doctor-patient relationship.

While there are only a few doctors on the site now, it’s sure to catch on, and hopefully before too long it will be the status quo for healthcare across the country and around the world.