and you thought cell phones with speakers were annoying…


Although the potential for annoyance is high, the possibility for good far surpasses it. Mobile projectors, independent of and integrated into cell phones will soon be projecting videos, presentations, documents, photos, digital grafiti and whatever else you can imagine on walls everywhere.

Designers have been conceptualizing phones with projectors for years now (the pomegranate is my favorite), but it wasn’t until the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show that they became a reality. Samsung showed off their Anycall Show phone with built in pico projector, and Logic announced their Bolt phone with projector (shown above) will be available for $600 in the near future, and a few others announced they’re working on similar things.

Cell phones with speakers have proven to have disastrous implications, especially for those of us who ride public transportation with their owners, so my first reaction to these phones wasn’t all positive. After accepting the fact that the back of my head may soon be the screen that my fellow passengers watch their movies on, though, I began to realize the incredible potential inherent in these mighty little machines. The obvious uses (videos, presentations, slideshows) are all pretty neat, but digital grafiti, collaborative accessories (real time language translations for example), projecting maps onto the ground, video conferencing, emergency alert projections, and other potential uses are more exciting to me. And as the developing world continues to leapfrog the industrialized world’s technologies, it’ll be especially interesting to see what uses arise for these phones in emerging markets…


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