the rocking chair test


Howies, a clothing company based in Wales, has always impressed me with the quality of their work and their devotion to creating a more sustainable business. I was lucky enough to visit their shop in London while traveling last week, and fell in love. What was a little crush has now turned into the real deal.

What pushed me over the line was their Hand-Me-Down line, which right now is just a jacket and bag, but will hopefully be extended across a wider variety of products in the future.  Although all of their clothes are designed to last, the HMD line is designed to last forever (or close to it, at least). Guaranteeing that it will last at least 10 years (and it’s probably capable of lasting much longer), Howies has designed these pieces to be passed down through the family, and has even designed in a multi-generational nametag (shown above).

Howies, I love you. Even though I can’t afford you, I love you. And I love your Rocking Chair Test.


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